It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller.”
— Ibn Battuta

iNSIDE EUROPE crafts one-of-a-kind milestone experiences for like-minded people: family & friends, foodies, beer and wine aficionados, artists, etc.
We are matchmakers between the travelers, their passions and interests and beautiful European destinations.  Our experiences cannot be found in a travel catalog. Each of our itineraries is unique & personalized for the actual travelers.



iNSIDE EUROPE doesn't have a catalog nor can our experiences be booked online as they are personalized for our travelers. Contact us to learn more.
In the meantime, we invite you to take a look at our inspiration portfolio.

These storyline-like summaries of favorite places and experiences are an introduction to our unique offerings that continuously evolve.
We do not share everything online to ensure the exclusivity of the iNSIDE EUROPE experience. We give our travelers access to unique opportunities not available for just anyone. 

May we cordially invite you to a virtual visit to our featured destinations and experiences on this website, plus "like" iNSIDE EUROPE on Facebook for additional coverage of the beautiful places our travelers visit, stay in and eat at.

Do not hesitate to reach out when you are ready to get the planning of your next European experience started.

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